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goodroom residence Gakugei University
Superior (Non-smoking)
one room
1 person
We are looking for people who can move in between August 8th and August 12th. *The minimum reservation period for monthly rentals is 30 nights. *Those eligible for automatic renewal (reservations with a move-out date of the 1st of a certain month) can extend their stay as long as they do not notify us of their move-out. *Entry will be by facial recognition, and face registration is required. [About submitting identification] Please cooperate by submitting identification to verify your identity and to maintain safety during your stay. In addition, this facility is not available to people under the age of 18 (including 18-year-old high school students). Please note. [Furniture and appliance specifications] The types of furniture and appliances in the rooms may change. The photos are for illustrative purposes only, so please check the description.